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Group discussion > Ideas for openSUSE Weekly News Issue 200

Ideas for openSUSE Weekly News Issue 200

Sascha Manns
3520 days ago

Tell us your Ideas for openSUSE Weekly News Issue 200.

Satoru Matsumoto
3519 days ago

First of all, it is necessary to decide whether we should publish an extra anniversary issue (or an article for news.o.o) separately or create a special corner in 200th issue.

In case we will publish an extra issue:

  • The 200th issue will be just a normal issue (no additional work will be required to publish it).
  • Who will edit the extra issue?

In case we will create a special corner in 200th issue.

  • It might be relatively easy, since we already have a template for special corners such as 'openSUSE Conference 2011', 'Hackweek VII', 'Google Summer of Code 2011' and so on.
  • Creating a special corner may increase the whole volume of the issue (in particular, HTML version will be so long that people may lose their lust for reading in full).

Then, we have to consider what kind of articles are needed and who can contribute them. For example, what I expect are as follows:

  • A brief history of openSUSE Weekly News
  • Congratulatory messages from inside/outside of openSUSE community (openSUSE Board, Community Manager, editors from other distros' weekly news team, and anyone who wants to say "Congratulations!" (it would be great if a person from SUSE/Attachmate (Nils Brauckmann, Jeff Hawn, for example) will contribute a message) :-) )
  • Comments from editors/translators

And we need to decide how to collect those articles and where to organize them. An Etherpad would be useful for this?

Gertjan Lettink
3518 days ago

Very busy at the moment, but to me Saturo's idea about a special corner seems good, with a brief history of oWN, and congrats like proposed. 

In the meantime we would have about 50 editions to think of something special for oWN 250. oWN 200 is only 2 weeks from now.

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