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Group discussion > File manager doesn't mount SD card

File manager doesn't mount SD card

Efstathios Iosifidis
3081 days ago

When I try to mount an SD card, I open nautilus (Gnome's file manager) and try to mount it but I get No object or D-Bus interface error (see picture)

When i login on Gnome session, I can mount the SD card without problem. Is there someting wrong with E17 session?

Please tell me what I have to do to give you logs or something to tell me what's wrong.


Tomáš Čech
3081 days ago

Argh, screenshot with problem in Greek :D

  1. works for me
  2. Please, for problems use bugzilla. Really. This way every follower on Twitter and maybe elsewhere will receive these posts. Furthermore Bugzilla is made for this task, allows to share files and will remind me to work on that ;)
  3. Logs mentioned in Portal should be sufficient and if not, I'd ask in the bug

In bugzilla, please, specify what dm do you use (kdm, gdm, lightdm, other) or if you use it at all (startx from console).

Efstathios Iosifidis
3081 days ago

Great. Here you are: