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Group discussion > help needed now more than ever

help needed now more than ever

Tomáš Čech
3041 days ago


I have my personal business to do now and I will probably have NO time before release. If you have some time to spend, please do it now.

Most serious problems to be solved:

  • fix openSUSE profile or remove completely (it may need to alter also branding packages) - current profile will prevent E17 from start
  • add e17 as session file to KDM package - KDM doesn't support e17 as session, should be very easy to fix

How to do it?

Branch package from X11:Enlightenment:Faqctory, fix the problem, push it back through submit request.

Save the universe and E17 openSUSE world domination now!

3030 days ago

Hi Tomas,

I start OS12.2 with KDM as session-manager, and it supports e17 very well, it is listed and chooseable.


3027 days ago

I also use KDM fine KDM uses the enlightenment.desktop file in /usr/share/xsessions.


I think the profile should be dropped from the 12.3 repo given its been a feature freeze and we haven't had a chance to do anything yet i think we will need to go with upstream for 12.3.

As of now i have a vm that i can remote into which means i can start debugging there was also some hints about modifying profiles on the enlightenment mailing lists so ill start work on it and the wizard for factory.

Good luck with your new business. Sorry work / family has been to busy for me to be more helpful