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Group discussion > USERNAME...Urgent


969 days ago

How to change the username on opensuse.

Please, reply the way faster as possible....!!

914 days ago

My understanding is, there is no way to change your username at this time.

814 days ago

The superuser or root of your system may be able to help you out.

Only the superuser or root user on an OpenSUSE system can modify user's login and access rights.

The superuser or root user is also the System Administrator.  The System Administrator is the only person with the ability to do this.  It may be alot of work for the su or root user to create a new login and copy all your files to the new login.

If you are the System Administrator or su, you need to login as su and create a new account and transfer all your files to the new account.

It is best not to give your personal accounts su or root priviledge.  OpenSUSE, Linux works best when the principle of least priviledge is applied.

Futureboy was right, unless your System Administrator has the time to create a new account and move all your directories and files to it.

552 days ago

I'd be able to edit User details in YaST's User and Group Management.

Carlos Robinson
467 days ago

Please notice that the question was posted 17 months ago, and replies are months away. Please, post any support question on the mail lists or the forum, this channel is not appropriate.