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Group discussion > Problem in sudo service mysql start

Problem in sudo service mysql start

397 days ago

Hi guys, Please Help..


Im new in opensuse. I installed opensuse version 13.1.

After installation i go to terminal then -> sudo zypper dup

then i visit the website of mysql then downloaded the mysq80-community-release-sl15-3.noarch.rpm

then i do this:

* sudo rpm -Uvh mysq80-community-release-sl15-3.noarch.rpm

* sudo rpm -import /etc/RPM-GPG-KEY-mysql

* zypper repos | grep mysql.*community

* sudo zypper refresh

* sudo zypper install mysql-community-server


then after the installation of mysql, i try this: sudo service mysq.start

then i got an error something like job failed systemct1 mysq.service ..


how can i fix it guys? please help.. thanks

Carlos Robinson
392 days ago

Welcome, but It would be better you ask those questions in the platforms we have dedicated to solving such problems: mail lists, web forum, irc, etc. This platform is pending closure when we can do it. Besides that, it could take years for you to get an answer on your problem here.