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Confused..... I want to make music/art. American.

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Hello fair and kind people openSUSE.

My friend helped me update my computer to Linux. Obviously, the openSUSE version. We did this cause my computer was bogged down with viruses and problems with old software that never properly uninstalled. Also, I needed the photoshop and accounting, wordprocessing software.

I'm having quite a bit of trouble figuring out how to find the software to do something I really feel passionate about, making music. Please will someone steer me in the right direction? I am stuggling to learn how to use all of the new programs on my computer, but I am quite aware. I can look it up in google or I'm sure there are many forums. (If someone could steer me in the direction of one of those forums I would be sincerely thankful.)

I am very super excited about this Linux. I want to learn as much as I can, but especially towards how I can use it towards artistic expression. Please help a noob out?


Brief description: Help me use OPENsuse artistically (please)

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Facebook: Erica Scarica Hurley

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