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openSUSE for Small Business

Owner: Stefan Schäfer

Group members: 12


There are a couple of activities out there that make openSUSE attractive for usage in small and medium business. That goes from desktop applications such as Kraft ( up to a full fledged specialized server solution such as the Invis Server ( that build on the openSUSE distribution.

The community around these projects came up with the idea to integrate more to provide an even better offering for users. It should be positioned as an easy to use, secure, cost effective, efficient and feature complete solution for companies in the small- and medium business size, addressing the specific needs of this user group.

In this Group we will discuss how to achieve that, on which level the integration will happen, and how we will pick that up in the openSUSE community. Goals of work would be to set a foundation of a group of people who are willing to move that forward, to define goals for an openSUSE for SMB project, explain what the idea and the options are, spread the word about the already existing solutions and hopefully sort out the first technical questions (also such as how to name the baby ;-) , along with having fun of course.

An invitation goes to all interested people who are interested to either use or create such a solution, coming from the openSUSE project or other, specifically SMB related projects.

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