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Writing Compelling Social Media Content for Marketing: Why Traditional Media Now Comes Second

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Writing compelling social media content, or content marketing, is expected to be the new wave in promoting a business, according to marketing students recently surveyed. But how does that word “compelling” really work in this new marketing universe where customer engagement through social media is more immediate?

Focus on Something Unique to Your Business

The rhyme and reason for any business existing is to come up with something unique. That also includes the content in your content marketing strategy. Create a niche that can make you stand apart from everyone else. In many cases, this involves doing research online to see what products, issues or trends are currently untapped. You may be surprised to find out that not everything has been done before.

When this unique niche becomes apparent, the writing you do on your website or blog will be readily searched out and enable you to be found much easier.

Don’t Be Afraid to Hire Others to Write for You

The heaviest burden in content marketing is keeping up the daily pace of writing, particularly when blogging or updating on social media. If it’s in your budget, hire freelancers or guest analysts to do the writing for you. Such online paper writing service exist with inexpensive fees. You can also hire others within your company to take turns creating content. This provides a way to get different points of view rather than just from you.

Sharing Other Content

Sometimes it’s not possible to come up with daily original content placed on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog. In those cases, curating other compelling content from other, related blogs doesn’t hurt. When you place your own comments around the other blog, it still gives focus to your own business. This also helps bring the “social” part of social media into the fray that might be returned later from the blogger you featured.

Be sure to ask permission before you place that blog on your website. And make sure the link back to the blog (plus a link to that person’s general website) is workable.

Creating Content That Warrants Immediate Response

With a singular marketing message in the media perhaps eventually taking a backseat to social media, how can content marketing be done in a more immediate way? According to studies cited on, it may come down to retaining writers who can entertain, inform and interact every hour of the day on social media. Evidence of that can already be seen on Twitter through companies such as Disneyland where updates on events, personal comments and entertaining promotional tweets go on all day.

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