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Somewhere on the internet design for 11.4 box is available, do you like it? This poll is just out of curiosity, I don't represent anybody and results probably wouldn't influence anything... image image

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Do you like 11.4 box design?

Total number of people voting: 69

@Adam Mizerski: That was for 11.3 ;-)

Michal Hrušecký 3342 days ago

And I thought that 11.3 was bad...
I know some people gave some serious work on it but if on 11.3 they were jumping, on 11.4 they are standing on in 12 they will be sitting?

Kostas Koudaras 3342 days ago

My only concern is that people on that box are not "global" like openSUSE is.
No excuse for that, openSLX can find all kind of people in Germany or NL too :-)

Bruno Friedmann 3341 days ago

Yes, it's good. Nevertheless, maybe they could take into account the distribution artwork (ie: Celadon Stripes).

Javier Llorente 3329 days ago

The green is too bright.

Shawn Rogers 3328 days ago

The green is too bright and... who are those people? :)

Alexander Naumov 3323 days ago

Box should be like the default install. This one is just a copy of the 11.3
That said having happy people on the box is not a bad idea

Jean-Daniel Dodin 3309 days ago

they should recall the distro artwork and focus on the OS features rather than those guys there

Andrea Florio 3309 days ago

Agree with @Jean-Daniel re representing default install and happy peaple. Disagree that IT girls are fat. You're looking in the wrong place my friend!

juanfurmie 3309 days ago

I like the stylish boxes from 11.0 to 11.2

Shane Wims 3308 days ago

Should have the Celadon stripes, And the boy in the foreground is cute, but could be better shaved. What is the market for the box sets anyway? I have never seen openSUSE in a retail outlet.

Shadowolf7 3289 days ago

Well the design is nice(except for the people) but the green color is to strong even with my monitor and GPU settings reduced... ouch my eyes!

Do you have a preview for 12.1?  i`m curios to see how it is

Ursan Marius Bogdan 3071 days ago