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asks which desktop environment you prefer. you can choose more than one if you like!!!!

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What is your Desktop Environment of Choice?








Total number of people voting: 63

Hey, where is E17?

Tomáš Čech 2755 days ago

sorry, i ran through this list off the top of my head. i must have forgotten

Blacklite 2755 days ago

Being NON-Technical struggled to decide whether to select: GNOME-shell or Gnome 2.X  at least zypper shows


Name: gnome-shell
Arch: x86_64
Vendor: openSUSE
Installed: Yes
Status: up-to-date



Paul Parker 2754 days ago

In fact I'm struggled with the DE's... I can't decide!!!

I Like KDE environment, but not its apps, and like GNOME apps but not the environment!!!

Backer_su 2736 days ago

Like openSUSE, Like KDE Plasma on openSUSE!

Mengz You 2723 days ago

GNOME-Shell and KDE almost equally, btw.

I don't really care for lxde or xfce, although they have their uses.

Blacklite 2723 days ago