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Should'nt we rather make 3rd column on Right for Links, or leave at Bottom (scrolling)?

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Position of Links to Profile, Location and Help




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Have all the links on the right, even the ones that are no at the left would have my preferences.  Or make it configurable so people can choose for themselves where the menus are located.

Richard Bos 3349 days ago

Completely with Richard here. Best would be to have some kind of template editing, like for example iGoogle has: drag and drop the modules/components where you like them on your dashboard.

Gertjan Lettink 3349 days ago

The Location links are also available in the tools dropdown.

Thomas Schmidt 3347 days ago

Hmmm, another 2 clicks and hidden. The Tools does not auto expand on "hover-over"

Thank you for sharing, still like Richards viewpoint. Kindest

Phillip R Strauss 3347 days ago