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There was a question at mailing list if we want to keep gnome-main-menu or change it to mint menu as default menu.

GNOME main menu is the traditional and looks like


and Mint menu looks like


You have to vote until Nov 15th.

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Default menu: GNOME main menu or Mint menu?



Total number of people voting: 38

I had no idea that the old SLAB was still available. I'm really glad that Benjamin is willing to keep offering it for those who are used to it! But for the majority, I think the MintMenu is more modern, functional, maintained, and generally more appealing.

sb56637 2274 days ago

You mean the new old one based on Gnome 2?

SLmanDR 2274 days ago

Mint uses "Cinnamon" desktop Cinnamon (software)

would be **AMAZING** if this would be added to OpenSuse Desktops.
Please remove XFCE, LXDE, and "other" junk, almost nobody is using this..!!

André Verwijs 2270 days ago

Both desktop is available on Mint, Cinnamon or Mint.

posophe 2264 days ago