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Welcome to the election of the 2013 openSUSE board.  The board consist of one appointed chairperson and 5 elected members who may serve up to 2 consecutive terms on the board.

In this election we will have 2 seats to get elected. Henne Vogelsang's seat is coming to expiration, and in addition he is completing his two-term limit. That means he is not eligible for re-election this time.

Manu was appointed this year after Peter Linnell stepped down. Peter was elected in January of 2011. Thus, Manu's seat is up for election, but he is eligible to get re-elected.

The 2 candidates with the most votes will be elected for the board. Note that no single organization or company can control more than 40 per cent of the electable board seats (more than 2 seats). Please read the full description of the election process.

Please make your choice below and choose 2 candidates. The election period ends at December 16th (23:00 UTC). All candidates have put their agenda on the wiki, linked as "Platform" after the candidates' name.

Board election wiki page
Board election rules

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openSUSE Board Election 2012

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