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Hello :-)

The artwork team need to know if you like better blue or green for the next (12.1) openSUSE distro.

We have very limited time to make the choice. This wont necessary lead to an immediate decision, but we need some clues, thanks!

Your vote has been cast for this poll. Thank you for voting on this poll.

Do we want blue or green splash screen and default background

Total number of people voting: 42

For reference, the blue Design is called Azul:

The green design is called Verde:

Marcus Moeller 2974 days ago

I like more the version which Green is the color of the logo SuSE. The blue reminds me too SUSE Linux Standard Version.

However, it should change the logo white on green, because not very readable on LCD screens. No problem on the LED!


Nicolas CARLIER 2974 days ago

Green for KDE and Blue for Gnome!!!

Efstathios Iosifidis 2974 days ago

Green and hopefully not that old modish style

Bruno Friedmann 2974 days ago

Green. It looks great!

ayk87 2974 days ago

I'm Green! :-)

Would be nice if we could keep the green identity.

Izabel Valverde 2974 days ago

Green is part of our identity. Be sure to include nice logo.

Shadowolf7 2974 days ago

the "lizard" is green and not blue! Our (openSUSE / SUSE) logo is the "lizard", so that the color should be green at openSUSE Default .... We stay at Green! "thumb up"

Linuxsusefan 2974 days ago

I don't know how hard it would be to add some blueish pixels to highlight the edges. Something very light just to enhance it. Anyway Green is an openSUSE identity color, right?

Ricardo CHUNG 2973 days ago

green and highlight the text shadow or stroke

Andrey Karepin 2973 days ago

I like green too for openSUSE.

MBR 2973 days ago

Green, because opensuse was ever green

Johannes Carraro 2887 days ago

10 years I make web site which are mostly always blue, i tired of blue !!

green is better !!


lapinferoce 2868 days ago