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There are so many different ways, how documentation is presented. Please choose the top 3 answers

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Do you read documentation?











Total number of people voting: 39

HTML documentation only for Enterprise products. Google leading to Wiki is most common choice for openSUSE.

Tomáš Čech 2451 days ago

Overview about documentation could be better.

zerum 2450 days ago

this poll fails to include many sources of documentation, such as:

- man pages

- info pages

- on board documentation, like in /usr/share/doc

- forums, like

and probably some others i can't think of...oh, like when in a KDE app and you press F1

Denver D. Robinson 2450 days ago

forums added, man pages added. thanks.

Apparently, the max nr of answers is 10: Whenever I add another answer, an existing one diappears. I better stop adding now.

Juergen Weigert 2450 days ago

hey, where is openSUSE Wiki now?

Jan Papež 2449 days ago

openSUSE Wiki became Nr.11 and hidden. Renamed it to all lower case, now it shows up again. Thanks.

Juergen Weigert 2449 days ago