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The openSUSE community KDE team has started preparations to move the default desktop from the Plasma Workspace 4.x to Plasma 5. In order to assist this move, please tell us what features are missing from Plasma 5 that you define as important.

This poll does not include applications as these are out of scope: this involves only the workspace itself.

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What functionality do you miss most from Plasma 5?










Total number of people voting: 17

Hmm again I see the vote button, but no choices. Is it just me?

JAMcInnes 2297 days ago

Should work now, can you retry?

Luca Beltrame 2297 days ago

Since I couldn't vote for 2 things I do miss the screensaver and the games especaially Kpat.

Robert Ish 2294 days ago

I miss having any sort of temperature widget.

I think a network traffic widget is missing, too.


jnelson-suse 2292 days ago


Network traffic and CPU load / disk will be back in Plasma 5.3:

Luca Beltrame 2292 days ago

I can't set my time format the way I like in Plasma 5. The interface in 4.x and before I could specifically set how I want my short date, long date and time format set. Now I have a dropdown of different regions that still don't allow me to set it as I like.

Futureboy 1696 days ago