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The openSUSE community KDE team has started preparations to move the default desktop from the Plasma Workspace 4.x to Plasma 5. In order to assist this move, please tell us about the visual experience with Plasma 5.

This is important as Plasma 5 relies more heavily on openGL and that in turn might expose driver or other issues down the stack. 

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How is your Plasma 5 visual experience?







Total number of people voting: 29

Im running Nvidia binary on a geforce 560ti, so far so good.

JAMcInnes 2223 days ago

Have work perfect with nvidia blob or nouveau on old hardware Dual-Core and quadro nvidia FX360M

Bruno Friedmann 2206 days ago

I typed a couple of paragraphs to explain, but in trying to edit (clicked HTML icon) I was taken to a blank new URL, and on using the back button, the entirety of my work had disappeared.

In summary, I have nothing good to say about Breeze in comparing Breeze to Elarun. Elarun is beautiful. Breeze is lifeless low contrast. NAICT, it's using gray text instead of black, which on the mostly gray backgrounds seems designed to produce eyestrain for users of optimally adjusted displays. The side and bottom window borders I've been told do exist are functionally invisible here except for windows whose background colors differ from desktop and other windows.

Breeze looks no better on Fedora or Kubuntu, so I'm not blaming openSUSE's dedicated packagers, just reporting my visual experience.

Felix Miata 2161 days ago

It's a very beautiful interface. Worknig well with my Nvidia 980.

Yaseen 1831 days ago

Visuals are nice, I have problems with sreecn tearing and flickering. I don't know if it is only plasma 5 - based, but I have much less issues with cinnamon. I (would) love to use Plasma 5, and if not for these issues, it would be my favourite linux desktop environment. (customized opensuse dark theme)

kiskompi 1829 days ago

There is no problem with it. running smothly. good product.

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advanceins 601 days ago

I do not face any kind of trouble right now but if I'm facing anyone I'll update you ASAP.

selviana96k 579 days ago