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With the somewhat recent revelations that many governments, both foreign and domestic, are intercepting, storing, and analyzing the data of not only their citizens, but those of other nations as well, should the protection of user privacy be added to the openSUSE guiding principles and values to show the commitment the project has in fighting for, and protecting privacy? I think that this could be a major differentiating factor to encourage wider adoption and awareness of openSUSE and open source software in general.

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Should user privacy be added to the openSUSE guiding principles?




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I don't think it should be. openSUSE should not add to such a basic thing like guiding principle politic problem. Else there are many others we should add :-(

If it's to say that openSUSE have to respect the rivacy of it's own users, of course it could be...

Jean-Daniel Dodin 1530 days ago