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We would like to find out your prefered Outputformat.

Your vote has been cast for this poll. Thank you for voting on this poll.

Which Outputformat of the Weekly News you prefer?






Total number of people voting: 115

Difficult to decide. I like the Wiki but i voted for PDF, because i think it is will be easier to mentain and distribute. Also we can print it ;)

George Bratsos 1649 days ago

FWIW, I'd love the weekly news to summarize things a bit more -- it's a bit hard to read at the moment because it's aggregating content from many sources, without any summary.

Of course, this would require much more work.

Vincent Untz 1649 days ago

I like the html/news.o.o the best, however pdf is a very second option to me

Manu Gupta 1649 days ago

I like the PDF and the Mediawiki. But I voted for the MediaWiki Edtition.

Jan Krings 1649 days ago

I like the PDF because it is portable and I can read it everywhere or disconnected from Internet. But I love Media Wiki Edition too when I have an Internet Access available because all those alive links taking me to another level of information.

Ricardo CHUNG 1649 days ago

I did not vote, because poll is set the way I can't give my answer.

As mentioned before, there is not one preferred format and medium.
oWN is created for online reading, any format that doesn't allow linking is a fail. oWN original articles don't exist, all is a short intro and then link to some article. Reading off line means: read trough, remember what links you want to visit, go online and read.

Also, I don't see difference in and it is the same delivery protocol (http) and medium (Internet), formatted to fit large screens (no mobile option, not so good print option).

PDF without online access will miss the point.
To read it you need 2 applications (web browser and pdf reader) instead of one (web browser). While this may sound as a small problem when you are using full sized computer, it is not with mobile devices. Jumping between applications is few clicks on smartphones.

MOBI and EPUB I can't even comment. In my mind they are meant to read self contained documents, like books, so how they are applicable to oWN that contains links to other web pages, and those pages contain links that lead even further?

Rajko Matovic 1649 days ago

So I guess the issue is whether to do away with some of the news formats? Looking back, I've always enjoyed the old html format:

For a list of available translations see this page:


While pdfs have gotten better, they are still awkward at times depending on the desktop/browser/ghostscript version/etc. I'd say continue the html.

David C. Rankin 1648 days ago

I voted for HTML/ but I also like Wiki/Mediawiki.

Adam Mizerski 1648 days ago

Where is RSS2/ATOM option? I bet on it ;)

Mariusz Fik 1647 days ago

Whatever displays fine in Akregator...

Markus K 1644 days ago

Something which respects KDE's Personal Settings wrt Colors, Fonts, Font sizes etc.

J. B. 1644 days ago

Html first, PDF second.

pilotgi 1643 days ago

I too was expecting an Atom/RSS option (guess that comes under HTML in some way), but haven't voted because I view the news both via Atom and HTML at times. Didn't even know there was a PDF format. Ultimately though, I might be swayed to HTML because one can view and add comments at the end.

Peter Gumbrell 1642 days ago

OT: i noticed that if you aren't logged in, the poll says "Your vote has been cast for this poll. Thank you for voting on this poll." when in fact you have not voted. might confuse newcomers

John Andrew McInnes 1642 days ago

strange. maybe we must login for voting. I thought this can be done without login.

Sascha Manns 1641 days ago

Website it the best choice. I have nothing against PDFs as they're well supported by open source readers these days but it would rather be stupid to link to PDF on website or in mailing (then HTML-mailing itself would be better).

Jakub Rusinek 1641 days ago