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Running 12.3 KDE everything from installation to usage was rock solid. For X_64 and others, allowances have had to be made for UEFI BIOS expansion. In attempting to do that it took 6 installs. Firstly I had a RAID5 configured by the standard CTRL+F from BIOS.

The trouble was install could not see that RAID and went on about only seeing each HDD even though it booted after the RAID5 was created. I wont go into further details of having to manually partition the disks as auto suggestion was way way out allocating 5GB to /

I also contribute to opensuse as a tester bug I find Im opening moreBugs with 13.1 than ever before the worse being  1 in 12.3 and the worse in 13.1 below

Then I found that by adding Nvidia Repo support there was no auto updates for 13.1 despite Nvida having plenty of support files and I was left with native Nvida Video/Audio support and Windows not in focus had their transparency to about 90% and even my keyboard got remapped and No sound.

Apps started falling over and hypervision installation didn’t complete it task and removed my PC valid IP to be a bridge and 0.0.0 for my PC on eth0. Everything that simply worked in 12.3 now failed and I can not see any functional advantages in 13.1 over 12.3 to the point I had to revert or go made.

The question I am querulous about is...

Has Anyone Benefited from Installing KDE  13.1 rather than what I knew was rock solid KDE  12.3 where everything seamlessly worked and has anyone benefited from an upgrade of any version to 13.1

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Has anyone Functionally Benefited from 12.3 to 13.1





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zcnnnnzc 2225 days ago

13.1 has worked better for me in every way imaginable over 12.3

Richard Brown 2224 days ago

13.1 has worked better for me in every way imaginable over 12.3

Richard Brown 2224 days ago