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Carlos Alberto Santos Ribeiro Barros da Cruz

Brief description: I'm a trully real geeko


Contact email:

Mobile phone: +351 960 394 688



Lizards Blog: Yes

Current country: Portugal

Spoken languages: English, Portuguese

Gender: Male

Birthday: December 28, 1976

Jabber (XMPP):

Freenode IRC cloak: opensuse/member/CarlosAlbertoNovell email alias (nick):


I'm contributing in: Wiki: I translate some pages into portuguese language openSUSE Marketing Team: I'm helping to create and execute openSUSE Marketing Strategy to South America and Brazil IRC: I'm regular helper on IRC #openSUSE-pt #openSUSE-project #openSUSE-marketing #openSUSE-Education Blog: I maintainer of Testing: I've been an openSUSE beta-tester since 9 and few bugs also in tester of mono-project, xen, and apparmor Some SUSE Linux Install Fests around Brasil Presence in some open-source events as a non-official openSUSE speaker and community leader. Member of openSUSE Brasil Group International OpenSource Forum - SUSE Linux Classroom

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openSUSE Member and Ambassador


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