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Brief description: Enthusiastic user of OpenSuse and Linux in general.





Hi, people.

My desire is to tell the community the contributions that I've did and I'm doing to make grow the amount of OpenSuse users, and with them, to make grow the Linux users.

But I don't want to appear as pedantic or arrogant people. I don't want to put in one arm of the scale the things that I do for pleasure with OpenSuse, and in the other the price that I deserve, because I don't think that I deserve nothing for doing this. I do it with dedication and convinced why. My most important reasons are philosophical and technical.

I'm a humble networking and computing technician, who have the possibility to work in his country (Uruguay) as a public and private worker.
I've been installing OpenSuse in every machine that came to my hands, both in my private repairing workshop (as free worker), as in the public and private places that I work (as salaried worker).

My contributions are in this way: to install the most big number of OpenSuse Systems that I can, where OpenSuse did not exist (like standalone or predefined in dual booting installation with Windows), or where the Linux System was another, both in servers and in client machines.

Sure you'll need more detailed data. I can document it with pictures and detailed information (dates, institutions, number of machines, and so on).

The OpenSuse membership is not a goal for me. I see it like a so nice possibility, maybe a recognition. There are other contributors who deserves the membership, and more. I contribute in this way, and I feel it is very useful for my community.

Thanks you for reading,

Hugo Napoli

About me

I'm an OpenSuse workman, I mean, I'm a technician who give hard fight against Windows (always installing OpenSuse in dual boot where Windows is installed alone or directly keeping only OpenSuse), and preferring OpenSuse instead of Ubuntu (this is about philosophical reasons, more than technical reasons).
My job allows me to do all of it, because I work as a standalone technician at home, with the machines of my clients, and as a
salaried networking and computing technician in several (public and private) enterprises, year by year. I've installed a high number of OpenSuse systems (viewing it from the perspective of only one man). I keep an inventary of all those systems, more or less updated. I think that this is my most strong point about this marvelous operating system.


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