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Freenode IRC cloak: opensuse/member/Maini12 email alias (nick):


As a part of our student council and our AG OpenSource, I give presentations about Linux (using openSUSE) and OpenSource software each semester within our university.

I've been giving at least one presentation each semester since about a year ago. They mostly target an introduction to Linux using openSUSE Leap and some basic shell commands.


I participate in a university project targeting automated deployment of openSUSE Leap inside our Linux laboratory.

The project started last semester and will end in March (maintenance will of course continue afterwards). We have a combination of SaltStack, a pxe image (still in development [1]), a pxe server and some university specific configuration for our printers and active directory connection in use. We also submited a proposal to openSUSE Con 19 about openSUSE at our university, which will also include this project.

The project is done in cooperation with SUSE and we also try to give feedback and report problems we encounter (for example a SaltStack Issue [2]).


And even through this is not a direct contribution to openSUSE, I am currently working at SUSE as part of my practical semester, where I learn a lot about packaging with the obs (and I may also become a package maintainer soon[3])





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