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Ricardo Varas Santana

Lizards Blog: Yes

Current country: Chile

Gender: Male

Freenode IRC nick: ricardovs

Freenode IRC cloak: opensuse/member/RicardoVarasSantana email alias (nick): email alias (full):


Translation: This is my main contribution area. I am an active member of the Translation Team (spanish). There I translate, update and check files that others have translated for the lcn and yast projects, and for the packages groups as well. We use the V2G tool. Website: Bugs:As soon as I have found a bug I have reported it at Novell's Bugzilla. Although I have only send two, I must do it anytime a bug happens because I know how much it helps. bug links: Wiki: I have translated some parts of the spanish wiki, and check them when I have the time. Contributions link: I also have a blog ( where I post about my experience with the openSUSE distro, and plan to spread the benefits of it wheever I can.

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