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Bjørn Lie

Current country: Norway

Gender: Male email alias (nick):


I submit and fix bugs. (mainly gnome) My biggest fix is in current NetworkManager. bjolie@embla:~/Skrivebord> rpm -q --changelog NetworkManager snip * on. feb. 02 2011 - Added autoreconf since nm-ignore-temp-files.patch needs more than touching * sø. jan. 30 2011 - Add nm-ignore-temp-files.patch: stop NM from filling dmesg and logs by ignoring temporary files (bgo#602868) (bnc#668183) Original upstream patch has been extended to also touch in order to avoid having to re-bootstrap. I also hang out on different #suse chans on freenode under the nick Iznogood. My reasons for wanting a memberships is to be able to have a mail adr in changelogs :-)

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