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peter czanik


Lizards Blog: Yes

Current country: Hungary

Gender: Male

Freenode IRC nick: CzP

Freenode IRC cloak: opensuse/member/czanik email alias (nick): email alias (full):



Build Service repository:


  • SUSE user from 4.3 (used Jurix before that, on which 4.2 was built :-)
  • published a couple of articles about SUSE Linux in the Hungarian CHIP Magazine and InfOpen (a local magazine for IT managers)
  • edited PPC related wiki pages
  • participate in bug hunting from the time when betas were sent out on CD :-)
  • member of the openSUSE testing team
  • active member of the two Hungarian openSUSE mailinglists
  • SUSE mirror admin
  • compiled Packman packages for PPC
  • participate in the openSUSE ARM port
  • syslog-ng and related packages maintainer

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