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daniel tan

Lizards Blog: Yes

Current country: Malaysia

Gender: Male

Freenode IRC nick: angelwings

Freenode IRC cloak: opensuse/member/danieltanz email alias (nick): email alias (full):


Testing : I've been an openSUSE tester since 10.1.
Helping others that wanted to install openSUSE on their laptops and Pc's but cannot get it works.
Works together with NOVELL when they are doing their roadshow last year in Penang, Malaysia together with AMD and help promoting on what AMD and Novell on SLED AND SLES 10.1.

Reported a few bugs on hardware issue when 10.1 doesn't support my ATI X2300 fglrx

I'm helping other's to answer questions that they posted in opensuse malaysia.
being using opensuse 11, 11.1, 11.2 and help to report on bugs that i faced.

help to spread whenever i go with my laptop on how opensuse help on their system rather then windows for alternative.

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