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Elias Chrysoheris

Lizards Blog: Yes

Current country: Greece

Gender: Male

Freenode IRC cloak: opensuse/member/eliaschr email alias (nick):


I have a blog at having some articles for openSUSE (not only for openSUSE). I'm writing a new article right now for changing the hard disk of a laptop having openSUSE 11.2 inside
I have written an Installation Guide in LaTeX in Greek which you can find at
Despite of the version written on the link (11.2) there is also the source code in LaTeX and the guide for 11.3. I intend to keep it updating with every release of openSUSE
I am a state school teacher and I use openSUSE in my computer lab for teaching.
I own an educational program at school for open source and I use and teach openSUSE to my students
I also belong to the greek openSUSE community and I'm also a member of Chania-LUG (
I've also participated (not much though) as a helper in the openSUSE forums, but I admit that it's been a long time since then...

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