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Gender: Male

Freenode IRC cloak: opensuse/member/hcderaad email alias (nick):


Dear sir/madam,

i have previously requested membership, but this was declined, i have since then updated the Contributions-field in my profile and hope that this will satisfy your requirements.

Providing tangible proof of some contributions isnt quite easy, as, for example, my collaboration with Kolab primarily exists by ways of emailmessages or personal meetings, i would have to ask the people involved if they can agree with sharing these messages with the reviewing committee, if needed i will ask. Also it is quite hard to prove the installed base i have created in several companies and government organisations in the Netherlands, as these are mostly intranet-machines.

However, my sponsorship of the Dutch 12.2 Lauchparty, oSC 13, and sponsoring and the organization of the 2013 13.1 Dutch Launchparty can definitely be confirmed, ie by Jos Poortvliet. Also i am considering to both sponsor oSC 14 as well as help organize a business track, you can confirm this with the local organization.

I hope to have provided you with enough input on my contributions to this great project this time.

Best regards,


Hans de Raad

onderdeel van HaLeNaS v.o.f.

Van Sevenbergestraat 49
2274PK Voorburg

Tel +31 6 83578847

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