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I am a future ambassador and hater of windows. I've been promoting Linux for many years, but yet I am new to openSUSE. Now, since I have found openSUSE I am madly in love and would love to promote the project as much as possible.

I have been promoting Linux for some time to plenty of people as I firmly believe in the OS idea AND I have seen it with my own two eyes that Linux just works better on daily activities on computers. Currently, I am trying to revive my own workplace to convert to Linux as their computers are fairly old, cluttered, bugged, and slow. They spend thousand on an IT service for keeping up some crappy network of pc's. Sadly, we need a certain kind of program to work and I am still searching for a substitude that would also cover all work flows.

I may be still new to the project, but for the first time I feel like committing to a distro that I believe in.



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