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Jean-Daniel Dodin

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Current country: France

Spoken languages: french, english, italian

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build openSUSE french web site, (too) many post in and project, participation to OSC-11 and OSC-15...


About me


I'm French, very long openSUSE (and before SuSE) user - since 1996!

I live in Toulouse, France.

I created the French openSUSE wiki and did the first translations than did let other continue the job.

I used to teach mechanical engineering before retiring.

I was born in 1946 :-)

Warning: you very often find me as "jdd" (without the _sysop), that's my most used nickname, but initially I wanted to be able to test everything also as an user, so I created on Novell connect jdd as user and jdd_sysop as admin. Don't worry, It's the same person :-).


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