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Luca Beltrame



Current country: Italy

Gender: Male

Freenode IRC cloak: opensuse/member/luca_b email alias (nick):

GPG key: 0xFBE55AEDA29D259B gstarwind

Gitorious: cswegger

GitHub: lbeltrame


I am a member of the KDE community upstream and my contributions involve both code (KDE infrastructure, code examples, work on PyKDE4) and non code (forums administration, promo work, user support).

In openSUSE, my contributions have been a minor part of user support in the opensuse-kde channel, and a major part of bridging the downstream-upstream gap, by directly contributing fixes to openSUSE KDE packages, in particular PyKDE4, by testing fixes, and by keeping the openSUSE KDE team informed of upstream developments.

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