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Malcolm Lewis

Lizards Blog: Yes

Current country: United States

Gender: Male

Freenode IRC nick: malcolmlewis

Freenode IRC cloak: opensuse/member/malcolmlewis email alias (nick):


Dear Board Members, Having been a SUSE/SLE user for a number of years now, I think the time is right to make an ongoing commitment to current and future releases of openSUSE, hence my request to become an openSUSE member. My current contributions are listed below; - Currently an active member (1700+ posts ) on the new openSUSE forum - Was active in the previous Novell openSUSE forum prior to the merger as Malcolm (Guest as I'm a nntp user ) - I have only recently tried out the build service, so only have one package active, but do plan for more as the need arises from the forum. - Recently helped fix a bug in the building of the netbeans 6.5 package for the Education repository

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