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Freenode IRC cloak: opensuse/member/tjyrinki_suse email alias (nick):


I installed my first S.u.S.E. 5.1 (I think) in 1997 (I think) and used as my main OS for 7 years, and participated eg in the local community's activities (I still have account to but after 2004 I had a long hiatus of only occasionally checking progress. I have been working for SUSE since late 2018 and started contributing on openSUSE side too.

I have adopted maintenance of two packages in OBS: libvoikko and suomi-malaga. I've also submitted eg workrave update ( since I use it in my daily work and it didn't behave well anymore with newest GNOME. On bug side I've participated in many bug reports, maybe mention worth is long debugging/following/videocapturing of GNOME performance regression Leap vs TW in bsc #1112824.

In openQA I've contributed a few new tests that, this one was also fully tested and running on openSUSE: . I'm recently also PR reviewer on github now and have helped people who have PRs lacking review (and where I feel I'm confident enough on the topic to review).

I'll submit also ruqola (Rocket client) to Factory once it sees another stable release (that is more stable than the 1.0), packaging and fixes for it has been worked as a Hackweek project.

Finally I'm in the QA Maintenance team that is testing package updates to stable releases that also then end up in Leap products.

In upstreams I've contributed lots of translations in eg GNOME project and elsewhere, and also trying to get bugs fixed there and fixes landed in openSUSE (currently fully well reported a gspell bug ( but I'll need to also try probably find time to try to fix it myself if it doesn't get developer attention.

I hope to contribute more to openSUSE in the future as time permits and also as I need to fix things - I'm using Tumbleweed on my main machine so anything I feel like being reported or fixed I tend to do.

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