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Freenode IRC cloak: opensuse/member/victorhck email alias (nick):



Fisrt excuse my english. I'm from spain, i try to get better day after day in english, but i don't know if i get it!

Long time ago i thought to be a member, but i thought that i was not ready. I was a begginer (or newbie). Today i'm continue being a beginner, because i continue learning day after day, but now i know a little bit more, and i try to help everybody that i can. How?

I'ḿ a member of foroSUSE, since april 2010, and collaborate in help to other users, in community, etc in the forum.


But i'm a openSUSE user proud of it, and in others forums that i'm login i try to show the benefits of this operative system, and trying to make more "Geeckos" or simply new GNU/Linux users.




thanks to me a new subforo was created in the web configurarequipos (where i'm moderador) about openSUSE and another about GNU/Linux


I make colaborations with artwork (one of my hobbies) and i share with the community in suse-art


From the forum foroSUSE, i make a colaborations on the wiki:


and lately i 'm in the IRC with victorhck like nick in the channel:

- #opensuse-es and opensuse-artwork

From #opensuse-artwork i make a collaboration for the next openSUSE 12.2


And my blog, where iwrite about openSUSE, with tips, and news, etc. I write about GNU/Linux and the world. There's a world out there!! XD


that is sindicated into planet openSUSE.

For a time i make "distrohopping". Fedora, Pardus was the others, but i come back with Geecko, and i feel very comfortable!! hehehe.

KDE user, and Linux user #528067

That's all folks!! 

Thak's for reading and for decrypting my english. ;)

Have a lot of fun!! 

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