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Dec 10th, 2012 (initial announcement from the news) in Greek   Dec 11th, 2012 (initial annoucement from the news) to Spanish forum

2410 days ago

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Greek forum  

2399 days ago

Comment on "Nouveau sur OpenSuse !"

Salut chris, désolé je jamais essayé la migration des mails et je n'ai pas de solution. Essaye de poser la question sur le forum ou sur le site, ca...

2784 days ago

Comment on "Forums"

Here add all the forum posts related to oSC13.

2410 days ago

Comment on "Articles about openSUSE and E17"

In Greek: Install E17 on openSUSE New Enlightenment release (it has openSUSE info) Learn about Enlightenment (it has openSUSE info) New Enlightenment release (it has openSUSE info) BLOG Install Enlightenment First Settings  

2396 days ago

Comment on "Installation on Fedora 17 using openSUSE repos"

Yesterday I tried installing on CentOS and today I tried Fedora 17. Same story. I added the repository (one line as administrator): yum-config-manager --add-repohtt...

2317 days ago

Comment on "Enlightenment (E17) on openSUSE-Raspberry Pi"

I added this post to E17 group also here. Lately, I was translating the great tutorial by Nelson Marques, about XBMC kiosk. I was trying to install E17 on openSUS...

2303 days ago

Comment on "USERNAME...Urgent"

Please notice that the question was posted 17 months ago, and replies are months away. Please, post any support question on the mail lists or the forum, this channel is not appropriate.

80 days ago

Comment on "Problem in sudo service mysql start"

Welcome, but It would be better you ask those questions in the platforms we have dedicated to solving such problems: mail lists, web forum, irc, etc. This platform is pending closure...

5 days ago