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Should user privacy be added to the openSUSE guiding principles?

...of other nations as well, should the protection of user privacy be added to the openSUSE guiding principles and values to show the commitment the project has in fighting for, and prot...

2454 days ago

What should we name our Florida openSUSE conference?

The openSUSE Project will host a conference in Orlando Florida September 21-23, 2012 in Orlando, Florida. We would like the community to vote on the best name for the event a...

3381 days ago


openSUSE for Small Business

...USE distribution. The community around these projects came up with the idea to int...ward, to define goals for an openSUSE for SMB project, explain what the idea and th...SE project or other, specifically SMB related projects.

1430 days ago


invis-server is an openSUSE spin-off project since 2010. We develop a openSUSE based open-source server-system for small and samllest business. invis-Server attend to network organi...

1732 days ago



The openSUSE board was setup to lead the overall project. The main tasks for members of the board are: Act as a central point of contact Help resolve conflicts Communicate community interests to our sponsors Facilitate communication with all areas of the community Facilitate decision makin...

Tags: board, guiding principles, project, elected

3290 days ago


By entering this group you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed with the Guiding Principles.

Tags: geekos, guiding principles, project

3613 days ago


Comment on "Αναφορά απο την συμμετοχή της κοινότητας"

...και το openSUSE project. Είχαμ&e...on; για το  project,  αλ&lambda...;κό και  openSUSE project. Είναι...

3639 days ago

Comment on "openSUSE Conference 2013 in Thessaloniki, Greece. OPA!"

...SS) contributors to collaborate on one of the major Linux distribution projects. In exciting talks, this is it! When: 2012-12-13 at 15:00 UTC Where: #opensuse-project on the freenode network Who:...

3070 days ago