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openSUSE for Small Business that build on the openSUSE distribution. The community around these projects came up with...l- and medium business size, addressing the specific needs of this user group. In this Group we will disc...

749 days ago

OpenSUSE - India Users Group

A Group for OpenSUSE India Users to discuss, share and help fellow OpenSUSE users.

914 days ago

openSUSE Members Emeritus

Group for no longer active openSUSE Members.

875 days ago

OpenSuse Uruguay

...uales ante los dos grandes mundos GNU y Linux. Colaboramos desde la paridad, aceptando y compartiendo diferencias.   OpenSuse community user group for Uruguay and Uruguayans,...

806 days ago

OpenSuse Canada (English/Spanish)

Hello Everyone, I want to create a group to share experiences/expertise within Canadians using OpenSuSe. Interested? Join us and Share!   Hola Todos Quiero crear un grupo para compartir experiencias con Canadienses que usan OpenSuSe. Interesado? Unete y Comparte!

1049 days ago


...nisation (DHCP, DNS, Active Directory). They have got a simple user interface with the invis portal and come up with a large software environment (groupware, enterprise resource pla...

1051 days ago

OpenSUSE Coimbatore

There are so many OpenSUSE groups around, and none for Coimbatorians alone. Of course, there is an "OpenSUSE India" group (ok, ok, as of creating this...penSUSE India" - both inactive), but having a group for a single city makes it e...

1176 days ago

OpenSUSE en català

Group d'usuaris d'openSUSE en llengua catalana.

1218 days ago


Swedish openSUSE user group

1449 days ago