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Comment on "Το Συνέδριο openSUSE 2013 στην Θεσσαλονίκη"

...iota;ανομή openSUSE) θα ήτα...alpha; του openSUSE. 2. Ralf Flaxa Ε...u;μα των openSUSE ambassadors. Ε&N...igmaf; του openSUSE (ομιλί...

2249 days ago

Comment on "Το Συνέδριο openSUSE 2013 στην Θεσσαλονίκη" Άρθρα από το περιοδικό...

2190 days ago

Comment on "openSUSE Conference 2012 - “Bootstrapping awesome!""

...τινού openSUSE Conference ει&nu...n;ς το openSUSE Conference θα &de...του (open)SUSE/Gentoo στην...ta;α το openSUSE θα μα&si...

2643 days ago

Comment on "Do we want blue or green splash screen and default background"

I like more the version which Green is the color of the logo SuSE. The blue reminds me too SUSE Linux Standard Version. However, it should change the logo white on green, because not very readable on LCD screens. No problem on the LED! Galagann

2887 days ago

Comment on "Welkom!!!!"

...;  ook ik zal mij voorstellen mijn naam Frits Veerman woon in het midden van Nederlan Huizen, ben een beginnende gebruiker met Suse ben ondernemer maar wil Suse meer promoten  in Nederl...

2838 days ago

Comment on "Google Code In"

...6. Complete the translation .po files in Greek part 6 (RELEASE-NOTES-openSUSE, kdump) 7. Complete the 9. Translation of wiki pages in Greek (SUSE Studio, Cloud, ARM) 10. Rese...

2828 days ago

Comment on "Hace cuanto tiempo tenes instalado openSuse?"

recojo mis CD y DVD... SUSE liveCD 9.1, CD1-6 SUSE9.1, SUSE 9.2, openSUSE 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 11.0, 11.2, 11.3, 11.4, 12.1 ...acá estoy xDDD

2533 days ago

Comment on "integration of E17 to openSUSE"

...anagement system will you use. I'm creating openSUSE profile, which will lack Conn...tween releases. You can talk to him on IRC #opensuse-e channel at freenode server....and yes, it is impressive how far they get. openSUSE may get there too, but there...

2420 days ago

Comment on "FOSSCOMM 2011"

...n;ινότητας openSUSE (Κώστα&...lta;ιανομής openSUSE 11.4 (Γιώρ&;ραπίδης) 16.00 SUSE Studio: Δημ&iota...

3035 days ago

Comment on "Αναφορά απο την συμμετοχή της κοινότητας";ητα Linux and openSUSE community  σ&kappa...a;αι το openSUSE project. Είχ&alph...a;ω το  openSUSE για ν&alp...ο το  openSUSE project ,κάπ&omicron...

3013 days ago