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Forum Team

The openSUSE forums provide a useful tool to ask questions, find solutions for problems, share experiences and make contact with other openSUSE users. We can describe our forums as a friendly place to be, where no questions are stupid. The openSUSE forums are maintained by the community.

Tags: forums, help, fora, team

3541 days ago

News Team

This group is for all contributors to

Tags: news, blog, writer, editor, team, marketing

3541 days ago

LibreOffice Team

The LibreOffice Team is the one working tirelessly to provide such a nice office suite in OpenSuse.

Tags: libreoffice, team, development, developers, develop

3531 days ago


A centeral place for ambassadors to get news to bring back to your local community. Remember Live Free! Live Geeko! Live openSUSE!

Tags: team, marketing, ambassador

3541 days ago

Marketing Team

Tags: marketing, team

3541 days ago


The openSUSE GNOME Team is responsible of making GNOME rock in openSUSE!

Tags: gnome, gtk, gtk+, team, development

3541 days ago

Health & Medical

Dev & Packagers

Tags: medical, team, developer, development, develop

3541 days ago


The openSUSE Boosters are a team of people helping developers of the project to take off. It consists of 13 people (BTW: widely known as the thirsty thirteen) with skills ranging from low level C hackery over Ruby on Rails mastering to Graphical Design or Project Management. The team picks milest...

Tags: development, boosters, heroes, team

3541 days ago