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openSUSE for Small Business

There are a couple of activities out there that make openSUSE attractive for usage in small and medium business. That goes from desktop applications such as Kraft (http://volle-kraf...

1210 days ago

OpenSuse Canada (English/Spanish)

Hello Everyone, I want to create a group to share experiences/expertise within Canadians using OpenSuSe. Interested? Join us and Share!   Hola Todos Quiero crear un grupo para compartir experiencias con Canadienses que usan OpenSuSe. Interesado? Unete y Comparte!

1511 days ago

OpenSUSE Panamá

...generar una comunidad de intercambio de conocimiento, entre personas que usan opensuse y generar actividad...ón tecnologica, para que muchas otras personas, conozcan las bondades de usar este tipo de herramientas, b...

2732 days ago

Texas Ambassadors

For Ambassadors that live in Texas, USA.

2811 days ago