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Comment on "What is your Desktop Environment of Choice?"

sorry, i ran through this list off the top of my head. i must have forgotten

2704 days ago

Comment on "Power off or restart delay too much. I think they don't work"

Ah ja, have to check this. Workaround here is >log out with fallback to KDM, then >shut down and confirm >shut down   Martin 

2673 days ago

Comment on "openSUSE Connect"

Here add all the posts in openSUSE Connect Groups (not in "oSC13 The Summer is coming" group) related to oSC13.

2670 days ago

Comment on ""

...ontributors and users

2670 days ago

Comment on ""

Dec 12nd, 2012 (IRC meeting reminder) Greek Posted to Enligh group

2670 days ago

Comment on "Facebook"

Dec 10th (initial announcement from the news) English group: Greek group:

2670 days ago

Comment on "Owncloud on Raspberry Pi using openSUSE"

...tallation This is very easy. I wrote a tutorial to the openSUSE connect group. You can visit the steps described there. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask at the group. Bernhard can answer your qu...

2661 days ago

Comment on "E17Themes"

Would that be possible to add also one background for monitors with 4:3 aspect ratio, please?

2656 days ago

Comment on "[SOLVED] Terminology doesn't write Greek letters"

...and check for errors? Also provide output of grep setxkbmap ~/.xsession-errors | tail -n 10 Also please try to set Numlock on if it works as workaround. There is some known issue...

2654 days ago